The Farm

Podere il Casale is probably one of the last farms in the region that does not limit and specialize its scope of farming. In the past few years, most regional farms have narrowed down their range of products, specializing in only one or two products to maximize profit. We however have an approach to farming that is inspired by the „mezzadri“. Back in the old days, a mezzadro and his family would tend to a farm that was provided by large land owners. Instead of paying rent, they would give half of the produce to the owner while they could keep the other half for the family (which was usually quite big). Of course, the more the mezzadri produced, the better the life of their families became. Today, we don’t only want to make the family live well, but also our guests.
We think that a proper farm should consist of more than just big tractors and machines. It should buzz with life, bleeking and crawling and grunting should be heard all over; a colorful universe that can be explored by our guests. Not only animals can get things disorderly; even a carefully sewed out vegetable garden becomes chaotic when the vegetables start growing. Only the wheat fields and the vines keep their order.
In other words: la fattoria is life, be it in a good or in a bad sense. Many things grow and thrive and bring us joy; other things are destroyed by ways of hail, the wolf, fungal disease or insects.
La fattoria is also a lot of work, that’s what we love about it. There’s always something to do!