To follow the rhythm of nature, to be in a place of its own kind, to be surrounded by genuine, healthy food – This is what led Sandra and Ulisse to move to Pienza in 1991, to Podere Il Casale. Their dream came true, despite the difficulties they encountered along the way.

Who would have thought that one day visitors from all over the world would come to Podere Il Casale to taste the dishes from the Podere’s restaurant, take part in a cooking class, visit the farm, taste its organic products or sleep in the farm’s campsite?


Podere Il Casale in Pienza – a 30-year-long dream. Enjoy life following the rhythm of nature in a unique place in the world.


The farm’s restaurant – a place where food meets the highest form of respect.


Visit the farm, take a tour of the dairy farm, take a cooking class, learn more about cheese production and much, much more.


Make your dream come true at Podere Il Casale – the perfect spot for the event of your dreams.



Sustainability: the activities of the restaurant

As we have already explained, the concept of sustainability implies synergy and balance between all sectors of the farm. Which translates into a balance between the consumption of resources and their regeneration, but also between the production of pollutants and

What does sustainability mean for us

More and more often we hear about sustainability, and sustainability is one of the fundamental principles on which Podere Il Casale and the entire agricultural organism of the farm are based. But have you ever stopped to think what is

Ristorante Podere Il Casale Pienza

Restaurant Reopening: what’s new?

Finally our organic farm restaurant of the farm reopens its doors to all of you! After this difficult period we start again one step at a time but with great enthusiasm and with many new features. We look forward to