3 good reasons to choose raw milk cheese

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3 good reasons to choose raw milk cheese

Raw milk cheeses are all those cheeses obtained from milk that has not undergone any heat treatment. During processing, milk is never heated to temperatures above 40° C. Raw milk is the only that can “tell” about herbs and pasture flowers. The only one able to convey flavor and taste of the territory.
But raw milk cheese is in danger of extinction. Unfortunately, sterilization and homogenization, typical of massive food production, are in contrast to the typical values of raw milk cheese.

We want to give you 3 good reasons to choose raw milk cheese

1. Because it’s better

It is undeniable that raw milk cheese is a wonderful food. One of the most authentic expressions of the best gastronomic traditions around the world.
Raw milk cheese is an expression of cultural heritage, an art, a real lifestyle. Raw milk cheeses are much more complex and interesting than those obtained with pasteurized milk. And they are even better!

2. Because it’s linked to its territory

Pasteurisation aims at destroying any pathogenic bacteria present in the milk but also eliminates the positive ones. In this way, milk is deprived of organic lactic flora and becomes neutral and lifeless. Cheeses made with pasteurized milk are anonymous cheeses, homologated and replicable everywhere, without any link to the territory they come from.
Otherwise, raw milk cheese has a strong link with the region of origin and flavor and taste can change, according to weather conditions, animal nutrition and seasonality.

3. Because it is an expression of biodiversity

Biodiversity does not only mean plant varieties or animal breeds. In cheeses, biodiversity is “invisible” and is linked to billions of bacteria that are exterminated by pasteurization. A raw milk cheese is alive and rich in naturally present bacteria that give flavor and aroma to cheese and also guarantee benefits to our health.

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