3 more winning pairings with goat cheese

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3 more winning pairings with goat cheese

In article “3 winning combinations with goat cheese that you (READ) we have opened our eyes to the possibility of combinations of unusual foods in the kitchen. We know that using cheese in the kitchen is a tradition that has been handed down for generations. For example, the parmesan on pasta or in gratinages in the oven, the mozzarella in pizza or the eggplant parmigiana.

But in front of different cheeses, with an important structure and a strong flavor like goat cheese we are in difficulty. We discovered that the goat cheese goes well with garlic and we gave you a recipe to try to check it with chocolate and dried apricots. But it is not over here there are still so many foods that are beautifully combined with goat cheese.

Today we have chosen to reveal the combinations that you can use in fresh and summer dishes. Are you curious to know what they are? Let’s start then!

Goat cheese and capers

This is a combination that does not enhance the two foods by contrast but by similarity in flavors. The winning marriage is due to the presence of an acid that gives flavor to the capers.

It is the capric acid which is present in small quantities in the caper, but which increases its flavor when the caper is harvested. Capric acid in purity has a pungent taste of goat, but given the small amounts present in this beautiful fruit, if it has only a small hint. But if you add the capers to a fresh goat cheese, you will see that the taste of the cheese will be pleasantly enhanced and will acquire intensity.

But you must be careful to maintain a delicate balance. The capers must be a sort of flavor enhancer of the goat, then add a quantity such that their flavor does not dominate over that of the cheese. Try this pairing in a cold pasta or salad, perhaps with untreated capers that have not been preserved in salt or in vinegar. You will see that this match will be a winner and will pleasantly surprise your guests.

Goat cheese and watermelon

This combination is different from the previous one, because here the winning quality of the pairing is in the contrast between the two foods. The fat and salted goat and fresh and sweet watermelon are wonderfully to be found. Caprino and watermelon are not a combination so unusual, given that in the exquisite Greek salads it has been widely used for a long time.

Moreover, in this combination, unlike the previous one, you can also be more relaxed in finding the balance. In fact both foods have their own strength and tendency to be protagonists. The result is a race for those who create the most pleasant sensation in the mouth. The one turns off and turns on the other, creating in your palate a mix of very pleasant flavors and aromas. Try the goat and watermelon in a fresh and tasty salad, maybe together with olives and why not, combining the capers of the previous combination. You will see that the result is really interesting.

One last tip, if you prepare the salad that we have indicated prepare the ingredients separately and add them only when you have to serve them on the table. In fact, the salt of the goat and the olives “takes out” water from the watermelon, with the risk of turning your salad into a soup.

Goat cheese and raspberries

While the first two combinations we have designed them for starters, first courses or for unique dishes, the raspberry goat pairing is perfect for a dessert. Raspberries combine perfectly with fresh goats, where the taste of milk is still tangible and where a certain degree of acidity is maintained.

This is a combination of the contrast between the sweet acidity of the raspberry and the fat and slightly salty taste of the goat cheese that meet on the light and pleasant note of acidity. Try this pairing in a mousse. Mousses are made with very soft cheeses like a spreadable cheese but also a sweet gorgonzola. If the fresh goat that you have available does not meet these characteristics you will just have to make a fondue that will let you cool. Then you have to arm with whip, cream, sugar and elbow grease. It is important that your goat cheese fonduta is very cold, as well as the cream and the boul where you prepare your mousse.

Try to create the mousse and a coulis of raspberries (just crush the raspberries, pass them through the strainer and sugar the result). Result? A light, original, fresh and very tasty dessert.