3 winning pairing with goat’s cheese

3 winning pairing with goat’s cheese

Goat’s cheese is a cheese with extraordinary qualities in all its maturation phases. In fact, from the fresh to the seasoned cheese its intensity increases, but with different characteristics that make it inimitable. So make it a great aperitif, an appetizer or a dish. But not everyone knows that it goat’s cheese is very versatile and can be a protagonist or an ingredient in dishes with extraordinary flavors. There are some combinations that at first sight seem audacious but are really good. Let’s find out these pairing together.

1. Goat cheese and garlic

At first sight it may not seem like a winning match. But if you are open to innovation and discovering new flavors then you will discover a world that has been hidden behind tradition. The garlic must naturally be cooked. The raw garlic has the same characteristics of strong and pungent aroma. In this case the pairing sweeten these aromas. The cooked garlic will  mitigate the strong flavor of the goat cheese making it more delicate. The two more aromas are perfectly combined, so the result if you can fine-tune the proportions between the two elements will be amazing, pleasant and delicate. Try making a nice plate of tagliatelle or pici and with garlic, oil and goat’s cheese. You will not regret it.

2. Goat cheese and dried apricot

This combination is surprising. The principle that makes it work is not the affinity between apricot and goat’s cheese but their contrast. What we propose to experiment can be an excellent aperitif or a pre-dessert. The dried apricot has a flavor that oscillates between acid and sweet. Its pleasant aroma is however very delicate. The combination with a semi-mature goat cheese will create an incredible balance between the two foods. Put the dried apricots to soak for a couple of hours. Try to create a mousse of goat cheese mixing a goat cheese fonduta with fresh milk cream. Do not add salt or sugar. Once the mousse is ready, stuff the apricots you have dried. We suggest you try this combination with pure fresh goat cheese. Try it and then tell us how the result was.

3. Goat cheese and chocolate

Do not make those faces. You must think before giving a judgment. Think about cheese and think about chocolate. Milk and chocolate, or chocolate and cream are two very greedy combinations. But what is a cheese made of? Think about chocolate: do you prefer dark or milk? If you prefer the milk chocolate you will already have the answer to your doubts. If you prefer dark chocolate instead, I’m sure you do not disdain the milk chocolate. If you buy a quality dark chocolate bar with at least 60% cocoa, you will see that in most cases on the label there will be a brief descriptive note that will tell you about the aromatic notes. Usually the aromatic notes of a good dark chocolate are: red fruits, caramel and dried fruit. Here is a seemingly unusual combination, it is already revealed on the card a winning combination. Again you have to balance the quantities and the flavors. Try making cocoa noodles with a nice goat’s cream. A real pleasure. The aromas will be the same as the chocolate milk with a greater intensity given by the goat. What will change will be the taste (salty and not sweet) and the consistency that of a pasta and not that of a drink. The result, if you are good at creating the right balance, is guaranteed.