5 good reasons to eat sheep’s and goat’s cheese

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5 good reasons to eat sheep’s and goat’s cheese

Cheese is one of the oldest foods produced by man. It is part of many cultures of countries that overlook the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Many foods considered the cornerstones of a people’s diet over the centuries have been lost. But some resist as important elements of our diet: wine, oil, honey and cheese. This does not mean that consumption has remained unchanged over time.

In the last century the cheese suffered a downgrading due to more or less founded and more or less precise news concerning its relationship with cholesterol. Fortunately today, cheese is experiencing a period of revaluation and enhancement. But what are the reasons why we should eat sheep’s and goat’s cheese? Let’s find out 5.

1) Thousand shades of flavours

The first point is linked to taste, or rather to flavors and aromas. We spoke in a previous article in which we talked about tasting of cheese (READ) and differences between flavors and aromas, how to recognize them and how to analyze them.

The sheep’s and goat’s milk has a more full-bodied flavor than cow’s milk and when tasted it we can realize how the flavor and aroma is more intense, creamy and tending to sweet.

Moreover, if we choose a sheep’s or a goat’s cheese with raw milk, a variety of complex aromas will open in your mouth, which you will not find in pasteurized dairy sheep’s cheese. Among the many foods that exist there is not one, not even wine, which can offer a range of aromatic sensations so complex and balanced at the same time.

2) Food with great nutritional values

Goat’s and sheep’s cheese are rich in nutritional products, vitamins, proteins and noble fats. It is a food that brings many benefits to our body. Do not you believe it? Do you think which is the longest-lasting region in Italy? What is the region in which the dairy tradition is the oldest in Italy? The same, Sardinia and given the importance in the diet and the large consumption of cheese that you do in Sardinia, the fact that in this region there is the highest number of centenarians can not be pure chance. This does not mean that cheese is an elixir of long life, but that certainly brings many benefits and few problems.

The pecorino and the goat cheese are rich in calcium and Vitamin D and this helps to keep bones, nerves and muscles strong and healthy, but also to regulate the metabolism.

3) High digestibility

The sheep’s and goat’s milk have less lactose than cow’s milk. This translates into a best digestibility already of the basic product. The cheese is created through a path that goes from curd to maturing. More the seasoning will be long and cured and more the cheese will be digestible.

If you have digestive problems (not a true lactose intolerance) and you have renounced eating cheeses for this reason, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because the long-aged sheep’s and goat’s cheese, from 18 months upwards, will make you rediscover the pleasure unique to eat cheese without unpleasant consequences.

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4) Eating cheese combines sleep

You got it right! Recent studies have found that eating cheese and dairy products combines sleep. It seems incredible, but the secret of everything lies in the chemical composition of these products. In fact, cheeses and dairy products are rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid present in the milk that is the basis of the synthesis process of serotonins.

The latter are exciting neurotransmitters that with the synthesis process favored by tryptophan are transformed into melatonins that on the contrary have sedative properties and regulate the sleep cycle.

5) Eating the cheese does not make you fat

How many times have we heard that cheese makes you fat, which makes cholesterol increase and that we have to limit its use? Too many times, and we had to renounce of our pleasure. But a study conducted by the University College of Dublin has (fortunately) denied these clichés. Taking a sample of 1.500 people, they analyzed the impact of milk derivatives on their health.

The result was stunning! The results say that habitual consumers of cheeses and dairy products have a lower fat mass index, lower cholesterol values and lower pressure than “non-consumers”. Incredibly, the results of the analysis of habitual consumers of low fat cheeses have recorded higher levels of cholesterol.


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