5 things not to miss in Pienza

cosa fare a pienza

5 things not to miss in Pienza

Pienza is a gem nestled in Val d’Orcia, a small paradise in the Tuscan hills, famous for its history, art and beauty of the landscape but also for its renowned Pecorino cheese.
Are you planning your trip to Pienza or you are lucky enough to be here but you don’t know what to do or need some tips?!
Podere il Casale suggests you 5 things not to miss in Pienza. Unique experiences and activities that will leave an indelible memory in your heart.
Whether traveling with family, with friends or with your love here you can find our tips.

5 things not to miss in Pienza


Pienza is the famous “ideal city” of the Renaissance, an interweaving of “postcard alleys” that flow into the main street that crosses the city from north to south. In the center the beautiful Piazza Pio II. There are many alleys and views not to be missed, where take wonderful pictures or enjoy the breathtaking views that open to every corner. Walking through the streets of Pienza is the best way to appreciate it.
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cosa fare a pienzaYou cannot come to Pienza without tasting the traditional Pecorino cheese. Visiting the city is not enough to really live it, but also taste is not enough. One thing you should try is watch how is made Pecorino Cheese.
At Podere il Casale you can go “behind the scenes” of Pecorino cheese. In a course of about two hours, the master cheese maker Ulysses, will guide you through the entire process, from fermentation to aging. You can ask him all the questions you want and of course you can taste all of our cheeses. The particularity of Podere Casale cheese is that it’s strictly produced using raw milk by our herd. Don’t you know what “Raw milk cheese” means? Read our article “Why raw milk cheese” and come visit us.


cosa fare a pienzaWhen you visit a new territory, the best way to understand it is to discover the gastronomic tradition. Especially if it is a region with great food and wine tradition as Val d’Orcia. Feuerbach said, “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are”. The kitchen is at the basis of the traditions, so what better way to enjoy a unique experience during a trip ?!
At Podere il Casale you can participate in many courses and lessons that will teach you tricks and secrets that will help you to impress everyone on your return. But will also entertain you and will be the most beautiful souvenir to take home. At Podere il Casale you can participate in the cooking class, where Tuscan tradition blends with the originality of our restaurant. You will learn how to make pizza or homemade bread as it once was. Read also our courses to find out more and book now.


cosa fare a pienzaThe real land of white truffle is a few kilometers north of Pienza but even here the white truffle find a great environment. We want to suggest a really unique experience. You can venture into the woods around our farm with an experienced truffle seeker and his inseparable friend to four legs finding the precious truffles. You will experience the emotion of finding truffles with the help of the finder and the scent of his dog. Think about when the dog sniff the truffle and you will find it in the beautiful woods of our farm in Pienza. Upon return from your excursion, you can of course enjoy the fruits of your research! Read also Search Truffle and contact us to learn more.


cosa fare a pienzaOne of the most charming things of Pienza is the sunset. It may seem common, but the rolling hills and the changing colors of the earth, offer a different show every time. The sunset in Pienza is unique in the world and is certainly the most romantic and relaxing moment. From the terrace of our restaurant Podere il Casale you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and in the evening the sun sets just behind Pienza. A special place to enjoy a romantic dinner or a dinner with friends or family in an atmosphere that will make your heart beat.
A sunset dinner overlooking the hills of Pienza and Val d’Orcia.
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