Autumn, a season of precious fruits

tartufo pienza

Autumn, a season of precious fruits

In an organic farm like Podere Il Casale, every season has its importance and every season contributes to our “agricultural organization”.

But there is one season a little different from the others, not so much for the quantity of products, but for their quality: we are talking about autumn.

What might seem to be only the passing season between the summer and the winter, is actually the season that offers us the most precious fruits. So what are they? Let’s find out now.


vino biologico pienza

When the harvest arrives, for every winemaker, it always seems to be the first time. We are not talking about skills or experience, but about emotions. The moment of the harvest is a moment of celebration because after a year of hard work in the vineyard, the time has come to gather the fruits in the true sense of the term. This is the moment of truth, the moment in which we discover if our efforts will be repaid with a product that meets the expectations. Of course, as in every aspect of our farm, nature is at the center of everything.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olio pienza

After the grape there is the olive harvest. Podere il Casale produces an oil with important aromatic qualities, that preserves the characteristics that have made Tuscan extra virgin olive oil great.

We are waiting for our olives to reach maturity and hoping that flies do not arrive to ruin everything, we will collect them to obtain the golden nectar that has always distinguished us.



zafferano pienza

This is a great specialty, saffron! We have decided to dedicate a space of our organic garden to this precious fruit, whose pistils color and flavor many dishes. The collection of flowers and the selection of the best pistils is a very delicate task. In fact, the pistils must be detached manually one by one. Surely it is a process that takes a lot of time, but the result is a top quality saffron with an intense aromatic strength and a lively, bright color.


tartufo pienza

And finally, we come to the king, his majesty the white truffle. Here the emotion is multiplied. In fact, this great product can give wonderful sensations from the search, to the taste. When we go looking for truffle grounds with dogs, we feel a bit like children, when a truffle comes out of the ground we get excited like the first time and when the scent invades the kitchen we remain completely astonished. Precisely for this reason we have decided to organize truffle hunts, to share this great emotions with you. So who wouldn’t like a day to spend in the woods looking for truffles?