Aluminum screw cup: why we chose it

Here at Podere il Casale we are always very attentive to innovations, especially those that can help the environment and reflect our philosophy. For those who don’t know us, our story begins in 1991, when Ulisse and Sandra decided to

What happens in our pastures

Respect for the earth, respect for animals and respect for food. The complex universe of Podere Il Casale could be summed up in this sentence. Podere il Casale is a farm located in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, a

Cheesy Fridays

Every Friday evening we await you at Podere il Casale for an event dedicated to our raw milk cheeses You can visit our dairy and our farm and find out everything about our work! Afterwards we will go to our

Easter 2023 at Podere il Casale

Spend Easter in Val d’Orcia with us in the fantastic Val d’Orcia in the Tuscan hills, enjoying the products of our farm on the panoramic terrace of our farm to table restaurant! Here’s our Easter menu – Our welcome with

Sustainability: the activities of the restaurant

As we have already explained, the concept of sustainability implies synergy and balance between all sectors of the farm. Which translates into a balance between the consumption of resources and their regeneration, but also between the production of pollutants and

What does sustainability mean for us

More and more often we hear about sustainability, and sustainability is one of the fundamental principles on which Podere Il Casale and the entire agricultural organism of the farm are based. But have you ever stopped to think what is

Ristorante Podere Il Casale Pienza

Restaurant Reopening: what’s new?

Finally our organic farm restaurant of the farm reopens its doors to all of you! After this difficult period we start again one step at a time but with great enthusiasm and with many new features. We look forward to


Although the virus has hit our economy hard and changed our lives, nature follows its course and we follow it too. The organic vegetable garden of our farm continues to thrive, the fields, the vineyard and our animals have continue

cerca del tartufo

Looking for white truffle

The white truffle is one of the most precious products offered by the earth. It grows in very specific conditions: damp soils, where the water does not stagnate, in symbiosis with oaks, willows, poplars. In Italy it grows in many

tartufo pienza

Autumn, a season of precious fruits

In an organic farm like Podere Il Casale, every season has its importance and every season contributes to our “agricultural organization”. But there is one season a little different from the others, not so much for the quantity of products,

Let’s talk about Farm to Table

More and more often we hear about Farm To Table, but what does it mean and why is it very popular? The concept is very simple and obviously means from the Farm to the Table, but contains in itself many other small meanings and many important values. The

FarmLife: April, a wonderful period

It’s April, as you know nature in this period is making giant strides and a farm like ours that bases its essence on the rhythms of nature can only keep up. The weather this year was not exactly lenient, the

How to combine beers and cheeses

Cheese is a typical product of the Mediterranean area as another great excellence, wine. Wine and cheese as known is a great pairning. But what if we told you that craft beer is also perfectly matched to cheese? The tendency