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Are you on holiday in Tuscany and want to try the best food and wine excellences in the area? There is no better way than to visit companies, learn about their philosophy and reality to be able to appreciate in

Farm to Table: A culinary experience in the heart of Tuscany

At Podere Casale and Podere Trafonti we treasure the harmonious cohabitation of plants, animals and humans.  We enjoy cultivating fields, orchards, vineyards and vegetable gardens sustainably, and delight in gathering truffles, mushrooms and wild herbs in our fields and forests.

Paesaggio Toscana febbraio

Farm Life: February, the month of rebirth

January and february may seem like months of rest, a month when the earth regenerates and we can’t do anything else but wait. Instead this month for a farm like Podere Il Casale is a very important moment, on which

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How to milk a sheep?

Today we talk about one of the most important moments for a shepherd: hand milking. At Podere Il Casale milking is as tiring as it is gratifying. The shepherds love to graze, feed and care for their sheep and their

Come conservare il formaggio

5 good reasons to eat sheep’s and goat’s cheese

Cheese is one of the oldest foods produced by man. It is part of many cultures of countries that overlook the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Many foods considered the cornerstones of a people’s diet over the centuries have been

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Honey is a miracle product

We all know that honey is a product with enormous beneficial properties. From an early age when we had the flu, cough and sore throat moms and grandmothers brought us a nice cup of hot milk with honey. Probably our

miele api

We all know honey

We all know honey, we all know it is made by bees and is a food with formidable nutritional and healing properties. But are you sure you know what honey really is? Do we know how and why it is

Tartufo Bianco

How to keep and clean the white truffle

How to keep the white truffle The White Truffle is a hypogeal mushroom, it means that grows underground. Unlike other mushrooms it is characterized by a very intense and volatile scent. So drying it, freezing it or preparing a sauce

cenen degustazione a tema autunno


Podere Il Casale launches “Autumn Flavors“, a series of themed tasting dinners, to discover the best flavors of this season. In the fantastic setting of the Val d’Orcia, our Chef will take you on a journey that will touch the


Let’s start immediately by saying what is not. If at first glance you thought that Green Wedding is a vegetarian or vegan wedding, I’ll tell you right away that you’re off the road. So if you want a dinner or

L’Incrocio Manzoni, a vine to discover

The harvest of white grapes is approaching and the Incrocio Manzoni vineyards are almost ready to give us a product with an aromatic flavor but yet little known. In fact few people know this wine and the most curious fans,


Podere il Casale join CASEIFICI AGRICOLI OPEN DAY 2018, the first edition of a national event promoted by Associazione Casare e Casari di Azienda Agricola on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September. Podere Il Casale will be a paradise for

fiera del cacio Pienza

Fiera del Cacio Pienza 2018

The Cheese Fair in Pienza is a traditional event celebrating the most famous local product: the Pecorino cheese. The cheese fair in Pienza is one of the most important events by tourists and citizens, not only for the opportunity to

Orto biologico

Biodynamic preparations: what they are?

The biodynamic preparations are considered real drugs to treat the agricultural organism and in particular the soil. Biodynamic agriculture is based on traditional farming methods, the use of these preparations is an extremely innovative aspect. The preparations are at the

Formaggio a latte crudo

Why choose a raw milk cheese?

Raw milk cheese is a product of great quality, expression of a territory, made in respect of nature, animals and consumers. It is a product that can not lie, because it is the expression of the natural process of milk