L’Incrocio Manzoni, a vine to discover

The harvest of white grapes is approaching and the Incrocio Manzoni vineyards are almost ready to give us a product with an aromatic flavor but yet little known. In fact few people know this wine and the most curious fans,

Pecorino cheese patty with purple cabbage

The recipe we are proposing today aims to impress your guests, both with taste and with their eyes. This recipe enhances the use of Pecorino cheese. Moreover, the scenographic effect of the broth that turns from blue to purple will


Podere il Casale join CASEIFICI AGRICOLI OPEN DAY 2018, the first edition of a national event promoted by Associazione Casare e Casari di Azienda Agricola on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September. Podere Il Casale will be a paradise for

fiera del cacio Pienza

Fiera del Cacio Pienza 2018

The Cheese Fair in Pienza is a traditional event celebrating the most famous local product: the Pecorino cheese. The cheese fair in Pienza is one of the most important events by tourists and citizens, not only for the opportunity to

Orto biologico

Biodynamic preparations: what they are?

The biodynamic preparations are considered real drugs to treat the agricultural organism and in particular the soil. Biodynamic agriculture is based on traditional farming methods, the use of these preparations is an extremely innovative aspect. The preparations are at the

Formaggio a latte crudo

Why choose a raw milk cheese?

Raw milk cheese is a product of great quality, expression of a territory, made in respect of nature, animals and consumers. It is a product that can not lie, because it is the expression of the natural process of milk

Cooking Classes

Podere il Casale offers several cooking classes. We do not offer a course to learn Michelin star cooking, but instead, our customers have the pleasure to immerse themselves in the life of Podere Il Casale and can enjoy being part

Cheese making demonstration

Calling all cheese lovers! Here, the world famous Pienza’s sheep cheese. Did you always want to know how cheese is made? Here at Podere il Casale we make your cheese dreams come true, offering you a behind-the-scenes look at the

truffle hunting


Our truffle hunt activity is perfect for people who are truffle fans and like to do something outdoors during their vacation. During this activity you learn all the important things concerning this precious product. The experience begins with an introduction

Ravioli stuffed with pecorino cheese with fish brodetto

In the article “3 winning pairing with pecorino cheese” we gave you some tips to match this cheese and other foods. Surely, the most stunning and perhaps most appropriate and exciting combination is the marriage between pecorino and seafood. Your

Fresh Goat cheese and Watermelon salad

In the article “3 more winning pairing with goatcheese” we suggested you to try goat cheese with watermelon. This combination is actually part of the Greek gastronomic tradition. It is a summer salad, which combines the freshness of the watermelon