podere il casale 1991

I introduce you Podere Il Casale: Sandra e Ulisse

Live a life following the rhythms of nature, in a unique place in the world, producing good and healthy food. This was the dream that inspired Sandra and Ulisse to move to Pienza in 1991 and found Podere Il Casale.

formaggio cose che non sai

5 things you don’t know about cheese

Cheese is a food that is always on our tables, grated on pasta, accompanied by honey and jam, or simply to enjoy as appetizer. Yet we know so little about this wonderful food. Here is a list of 5 curiosities about

Pecorino Pienza Stagionato formaggio a latte crudo

3 good reasons to choose raw milk cheese

Raw milk cheeses are all those cheeses obtained from milk that has not undergone any heat treatment. During processing, milk is never heated to temperatures above 40° C. Raw milk is the only that can “tell” about herbs and pasture

Pecorino di Pienza pecore

I introduce you Podere Il Casale: The Stables

Podere Il Casale is a farm full of life and a real farm, of course, there are animals! You can visit our farm and enjoy a unique experience in the Tuscan countryside. At Podere Il Casale you will meet all

ricotta ricette

Ricotta: recipes and tips

Ricotta is not really a cheese but is simply a milk derivative. Although it is a dairy product, it is not obtained from casein coagulation. Ricotta is produced by whey protein, the liquid part separating from the curd during cheese

caseificio a pienza

I introduce you Podere Il Casale: The Dairy

Today “I Introduce you Podere Il Casale” will let you enter the dairy of our organic farm. A new video and a new interview, this time is a double interview at the “dairywomen” of our dairy in Pienza. First of

feta ricette

Feta cheese: recipes and tips

Feta is a cheese that finds its origins in ancient Greek history. A traditional, semi-hard but friable cheese. It is white and slightly salty because it is left to ripen in brine. This is a compact cheese with an “intense”

azienda agricola biologica

I introduce you Podere Il Casale: organic farm

Life in the country and the production of good healthy foodstuffs – that was our dream! Thanks to our daily work, passion and care, our organic farm has been growing since 1991. In the course of time, our organic farm

yogurt di pecora

Sheep Yogurt

Have you ever tried sheep yogurt? At Podere Il Casale we produce organic yogurt with the milk of our sheep grazing on the meadows of our farm in Pienza, in the heart of Tuscany. Sheep yogurt is a little used product because

I formaggi non fanno ingrassare

Eating cheese don’t lead to weight gain

Eating cheeses don’t lead to weight gain. Dear cheese lovers, you have well understood. A study led by the Dublin University College could revolutionize everything you know about saturated fats. Whether you love Pecorino cheese or Parmigiano, whether you love

Percorso di trekking in Val d'Orcia

Hiking trails in Tuscany: Monticchiello[

This is a hiking trail in Val d’Orcia that we always recommend to our camping or farm restaurant guests. An ideal trail to reach Monticchiello on foot from Podere Il Casale and vice versa. If you are in Monticchiello you

farm to table ristorante podere il casale pienza

Farm to Table: Organic Food Restaurant in Pienza

Have you ever heard of Farm to Table? This is the new frontier of Km 0, the latest challenge for the chefs, a restaurant called the farm… Farm to Table is a movement spread around the world that promotes the

La Mungitura podere il casale pienza

Slow Food Day at Podere Il Casale Pienza

Discovering Val d’Orcia Tastes has led us to the cheese production. A unique opportunity here at Podere Il Casale Pienza that allowed children and adults to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Sunday, April 2 at Podere Il Casale in Pienza we

Slow Food Day a Podere Il Casale Pienza

Slow Food Day: let’s make cheese!

Slow Food Day at Podere il Casale: now it’s time to make cheese!   LET’S MAKE CHEESE: FROM MILKING TO PECORINO CHEESE   Sunday, April 2 at Podere Il Casale Pienza we’ll celebrate the Slow Food Day. We will show