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3 more winning pairings with goat cheese

In article “3 winning combinations with goat cheese that you (READ) we have opened our eyes to the possibility of combinations of unusual foods in the kitchen. We know that using cheese in the kitchen is a tradition that has

3 winning pairing with goat’s cheese

Goat’s cheese is a cheese with extraordinary qualities in all its maturation phases. In fact, from the fresh to the seasoned cheese its intensity increases, but with different characteristics that make it inimitable. So make it a great aperitif, an

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How to taste cheeses: complete lesson

With the article on the importance of drafting a tasting sheet, we concluded our journey on How to taste cheese. Below we will collect all the steps and the rules to approach a cheese tasting in the right way. What


Another useful article on How to taste cheeses. We have seen every phase from the preparatory phase, to training of the palate, (READ MORE: “How to taste cheese in 8 rules” and “How to taste cheese: tricks and exercises”) passing

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Let’s make cheese!

LET’S MAKE CHEESE: FROM MILKING TO PECORINO CHEESE Sunday, March 24 at Podere Il Casale Pienza we will show you up close how we make our organic raw milk cheese. From grazing, to milking, and from the dairy to tasting!

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How to taste cheese: tricks and exercises

In the last article on how to taste the cheeses was the moment of tasting (READ ALSO: “How to taste cheeses: taste“). We have seen that we must recognize both the traditionally classified 4 flavors and the aromatic notes that

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How to taste cheese? Last Step: Savor

Another step of our mini course on how to taste cheeses. We have seen that to taste cheeses we need all our senses. Before tasting we have to follow some tips (How to taste the cheeses: 8 rules to follow),

How to taste cheeses? Third step: the smell

Third step of our tasting cheese journey. After sight and touch now it’s time to smell. READ ALSO: “How to taste the cheeses: Sight” and “How to taste the cheeses: Touch“.  The smell is the third sense that we use

How to taste cheeses? Second Step: touch

We started a journey to understand how to taste the cheeses properly. As we have already written in the article “How to taste cheese? First step:sight”, tasting cheeses means examining them through sight, touch, smell and taste. When approaching a

Aging Pecorino Cheese in a cave

Aging Pecorino Cheese in a cave is an ancient ripening technique developed mainly in central Italy. There were no refrigerators and therefore to keep better cheese at good temperature during their maturing, they were placed in natural caves. It was

Pecorino di Pienza cheese pudding

Today we would like to propose you a pudding of Pecorino di Pienza with a broad bean sauce. It is often complicated to use cheeses to cook. Their intense flavor, their nature and their consistency allows them to be transformed into an

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How to taste cheese? First step:sight

Tasting cheeses means analyzing a small casket of flavors and aromas simply referring to our senses: sight, touch, smell and taste. In the article “How to taste cheeses: 8 rules to follow” we gave you some tips to a proper