come scegliere l'olio d'oliva

How to choose olive oil: 5 tips to follow

How to choose a quality olive oil? Olive oil is a must in Mediterranean cuisine and even more in the Tuscan one. Surely you too every day use it to enhance, flavor or cook your dishes. But are you really

pranzo della vendemmia

Grape Harvest Festival

Grape Harvest Festival: A new event of “discover the flavour of Val d’Orcia”…Now it’s time to harvest grapes!  Sunday, October 9, you can discover first-hand how it’s made the wine Capitoni DOC Orcia. Sunday, October 9 from 11:00, at Az. Agr.


Saffron at Podre il Casale

Our organic farm Podere Casale introduced a new organic product: the saffron. Yes, were not enough raw milk cheeses, pasta, olive oil, wine, honey and sauces … We always want to innovate, to protect the biodiversity of our territory and

un futuro per amatrice

A Future for Amatrice at Podere il Casale

Podere Casale has joined the initiative Un Futuro Per Amatrice. We too, with your help, we want to make our contribution to people affected by the earthquake in Italy. For a whole year, for each pasta amatriciana in our restaurant,

cosa fare a pienza

5 things not to miss in Pienza

Pienza is a gem nestled in Val d’Orcia, a small paradise in the Tuscan hills, famous for its history, art and beauty of the landscape but also for its renowned Pecorino cheese. Are you planning your trip to Pienza or

glamping in toscana

Glamping in Tuscany

The Glamping is the new way of camping! A trend that was born a few years ago that is becoming reality even here in Tuscany. The Glamping is a new philosophy of travel for those who want an experience very

Merenda della Trebbiatura

Threshing of ancient wheat: watch the video!

THRESHING OF ANCIENT WHEAT We want to thank everyone who participated in the first event “Discovering tastes of Val d’Orcia – Merenda della Trebbiatura”. For us it was really an enormous pleasure to welcome so many people interested in our

Formaggio a latte crudo Pecorino di Pienza


Raw milk cheese: what is it? How it’s made and what are its characteristics? What are the benefits of cheese made from raw milk? Let’s start with one fundamental concept, to make cheese we only need 3 ingredients: milk, rennet

Come abbinare formaggi miele e confetture

How to match honey jams and cheeses

How to match honey jams and cheese? At Podere il Casale we know something about cheese, so let’s explain how to match honey jam and cheese. I bet it’s happened to all of you to be in front of a


Nine tons of durum wheat were collected this year. That’s a good harvest!