Christmas Gift Ideas: Baskets with tuscan products

idee regalo natale prodotti tipici

Christmas Gift Ideas: Baskets with tuscan products

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? Taste the magic of the holidays by giving a Christmas basket with typical tuscan products from Podere il Casale. When Christmas is in the doorway, every time, until the end we don’t know what to give to our family, friends or colleagues… The real problem is that every person has different needs, tastes and passions. But is there a gift that get everyone to agree?! Think about it, think about Christmas Day…

Christmas basket with typical food products is a great gift idea because you can share it with everyone. Basket is one gift that contains more gifts. You can customized your basket according to the taste of those who will receive it. Our image of Christmas is with the whole family gathered under the same roof, in a festive atmosphere. Christmas is the day when we exchange affection and gifts, in which we share, where we eat together. Christmas lunch is an important moment because it’s unique. It often happens to share with the family a good cheese, a bottle of wine, maybe kept just for that occasion.

We all have in mind a very good food or wine that we tasted at Christmas, brought by an uncle or by a friend. We all remember who gave it and how good it was.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Basket with traditional tuscan products

idee regalo natale prodotti tipici


So why not give a nice Christmas basket of good organic products to our friends, relatives or colleagues? The food get everyone to agree, but everyone has their own tastes. That’s why you can customize your basket considering tastes and wallets.

You can choose from several varieties of Wine, raw milk Cheese of different types and seasonings, jams, pasta, and extra virgin olive oil. They are all typical, organic, Tuscan and artisan products with a decided and authentic flavor in the respect of tradition. Choose the right products for the right people and celebrate Christmas in the best way!


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