Christmas Menu: easy recipes to impress

Christmas Menu: easy recipes to impress

Do you have to prepare a Christmas menu? Do you have guests and you want to impress them? You don’t have ideas to create an easy menu that allows you to sit down at the table without spending Christmas in the kitchen? For this reason we designed an easy but amzing Menu that you can prepare in advance. We combined the right wines with all the dishes. For the success of your Christmas menu it is very important that you use an excellent raw material, better if organic, in order to enhance the flavors and aromas you want to bring to table. We will begin by explaining the menu, what you need and the wines to match. Then we will pass on the recipes! Well, let’s start.

The menu consists of a welcome dish, an appetizer, the first course, the main course and dessert.

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  • Saffron potato cream with parsley sauce and sheep’s yogurt
  • Porcini and goat’s cheese flan
  • “Zizzole” with Pecorino cheese, warm egg yolk and truffle
  • Suckling pig with glazed shallots and quince jam
  • Vin Santo mousse with cantucci

Welcome dish

We start with an easy welcome dish, which serves to prepare guests: cream of potatoes with parsley sauce and sheep’s yogurt. The taste must be very balanced and at the same time decided, it is your business card. Combined with this dish we recommend our white wine La Sibilla, made from Manzoni and Trebbiano grapes, it is characterized by its intense golden yellow color and ripe tropical fruit notes.


With the starter, we go up with taste intensity. The porcini and goat’s cheese flan is an easy dish. You will have to play with consistencies to get an optimal result. The porcini will be inside the flan but also on the plate, the goat’s cheese will be the base of both the sauce and the “cheese wafer”. Different flavors and textures and the same ingredients. At the appetizer, we recommend combining another white wine La Regina, with a golden-yellow color, the nose has notes of citrus and vegetables, fresh and full-bodied in the mouth, perfect with the intense flavors of porcini and goat.


A truly amazing and easy Christmas menu!

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What do you need?:


Pecorino di Pienza Stagionato