Eating cheese don’t lead to weight gain

I formaggi non fanno ingrassare

Eating cheese don’t lead to weight gain

Eating cheeses don’t lead to weight gain. Dear cheese lovers, you have well understood. A study led by the Dublin University College could revolutionize everything you know about saturated fats.
Whether you love Pecorino cheese or Parmigiano, whether you love Provolone or Gorgonzola. Next time your friends tell you “stop with cheeses, they are fat and increase cholesterol,” you can answer and get your revenge. The answer is simple: “People who eat more cheese are thiner and they have less cholesterol. “
That’s right, eating cheese don’t lead to weight gain as we have always believed. Cheese has always been considered a fat and unhealthy food that increases cholesterol. The study led by the University College in Dublin instead, overturns everything you thought about cheese. The study has shown that people consuming much more cheese are in a better shape than those who do not eat it and have no higher cholesterol levels.

Cheese does not increase cholesterol levels

Dublin researchers involved a sample of 1500 people aged between 18 and 90. They analyzed the impact of consumption of products such as cheese, milk, butter, yogurt and cream.
And incredibly found that people who usually consume a larger quantity of this products have a lower body mass index, less fat and lower pressure.

Don’t you believe it?! Well, trust it: the cheese don’t increase cholesterol level. Here you find the study published on the scientific magazine Nutrition and Diabetes.
Eat a lot of cheese does not make any difference for cholesterol levels. But the most interesting aspect of the research is that the participants who consumed low-fat cheeses have higher levels of cholesterol.

formaggi non fanno ingrassare

People that consume large quantities of cheeses and dairy products have an higher consumption of saturated fat intake than people who consume little of cheese or do not consume at all. But the study shows that there are no differences in their LDL cholesterol levels.
Saturated fat contained in cheeses would not increase the level of cholesterol in the blood thanks to the particular nutrients they contain.

Obviously we must also consider the global food model. We must pay attention to all the other foods we eat together with cheeses. Now you know that cheeses do not increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

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