Farm to Table: Organic Food Restaurant in Pienza

farm to table ristorante podere il casale pienza

Farm to Table: Organic Food Restaurant in Pienza

Have you ever heard of Farm to Table? This is the new frontier of Km 0, the latest challenge for the chefs, a restaurant called the farm…

Farm to Table is a movement spread around the world that promotes the use of local food in restaurants. Literally with Farm to Table we identify those cuisines made with foods and ingredients, produced or grown not far from where they are consumed. A simple concept that is linked to other important principles such as sustainable agriculture, organic agricolture and product traceability.

Dan Barber is the prophet of the Farm to Table. The Obama’s chef with his Blue Hill has gained a Michelin star just by following these principles. His restaurant in the US is a symbol of healthy and sustainable eating.

The Farm to Table is a phenomenon born in the United States and then landed in Europe with the “farm restaurant”. At Podere Il Casale in Pienza we are proud to have been forerunners of this “food philosophy.” We started with the organic farm since 1991 and as a result we introduced the restaurant. This has helped us to enhance the products of our farm and offer our guests something special.

Farm to Table at Podere Il Casale

The restaurant and the farm are just a few kilometers from the beautiful Pienza in Val d’Orcia, immersed in the rolling Tuscan hills. All what we need comes from our farm, a few meters from the burner of our kitchen. The other raw materials come from friends local producers who follow our philosophy. Maybe may not seem easy, especially when you consider the season food. But it is not impossible if in kitchen there are professionals, if you know the territory and what it offers and if you know how to organize.

farm restaurant pienza

Our Farm Restaurant is not a starred restaurant and is not a “trattoria”. The dishes we make in our organic restaurant are performed perhaps using the same raw materials of an agritourism restaurant but the culinary philosophy and technical skills are placed a little higher.

The highlight of our farm is the production of sheep and goat cheese, organic raw milk cheese. Our cheeses are all produced inside the farm. It starts from the milk of our herds that graze on the meadows of Pienza and then move on to our dairy. In addition to cheese our farm produces extra virgin olive oil, wine, honey. Saffron, pasta and flour produced by our durum wheat Senatore Cappelli. Also the vegetables we use come from our own garden and meat from animals of our farm.

Everything within walking distance from the kitchen, everithing organic

We believe in the Farm to Table, we believe in sustainable agriculture, we believe in the principles of Slow Food (good, clean and fair). We believe that our guests are aware of the difference. Because they can touch everything with hand and see with their own eyes where it comes from what they are eating. A unique experience enriched even more by the splendid panorama from the Farm Restaurant Podere Il Casale.