Farm to table


Our farm restaurant Podere Il Casale is perfectly integrated with life on the farm and is the last link in our supply chain.
Our restaurant’s kitchen uses organic ingredients from our farm that are on sale both in our on-site shop and online.


Our extra virgin olive oil is the key ingredient of all our recipes. Why is it so special? Because of the unique location of our olive groves, the early hand picking of our olives, their immediate processing and of course the expertise with which our extra virgin olive oil is made.


Pair your dishes with a glass of our organic wines coming straight from our vineyards. Choose between a red (100% Sangiovese or a blend with other varieties), a rosé (100% Sangiovese) or a white (Trebbiano and Malvasia). Alternatively, choose a bottle from our wide selection of local wines.


What really makes our farm stand out are our raw milk cheeses. Our cheeses are made in our on-site dairy farm from the milk of the sheep and goats that graze in the farm’s land. Order a raw milk cheese tasting board or try our cheeses in one of the many cheese-based recipes on the menu of our farm restaurant.


The vegetables and edible flowers come from our farm’s biodynamic garden and are grown in respect of the seasons and the natural environment that surrounds us.


The meat from our restaurant’s menu as well as the cured meats on our charcuterie boards come from our breeding farms, which meticulously respect animal wellbeing.


The ancient grains we grow are stone-ground in a local mill not far from our farmhouse. With the flours obtained we make pasta, bread and bakery products.


The honey from our beehives is 100% natural and produced in respect of bees and the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the final product. Each type of honey is different according to the different flowers from which the bee takes the nectar. All types of honey taste delicious with our raw milk cheeses.


Saffron is grown in our biodynamic vegetable garden, carefully harvested and dried on the farm. This precious spice is used to make some of the dishes on our farm restaurant’s menu.


The farm to table restaurant is a place where food meets the highest form of respect.