Podere Il Casale is probably one of the last farms within this territory which has not been seduced by monoculture and specialized agriculture. Our approach is inspired by sharecropping, by the wisdom and dedication that characterized local peasants and their work on the fields of the great landowners of the past.
For centuries, these lands were modelled by the hands of sharecroppers.

In sharecropping, half the produce was collected by landowners, while the other half was shared among the farmers working the land to maintain their large families. In return, the peasants could live in the plot of land they worked on every day. It goes without saying that the greater the yield, the better it was for the sharecroppers and their families.

We’d like to share the fruits of our work with you, as we would with our family. We firmly believe that a farm is way more than just a plot of land populated by tractors and machinery. Our farm is full of life – the day is marked by the rhythms of traditional farming routines. The sounds of our farm animals echo harmoniously all around. A small, lovely, rural world to explore with your friends and family. And it is not only our animals that make this place chaotically alive, even our vegetable garden vibrates with life when the plants and vegetables we have meticulously planted and taken care of start to grow. Only our vineyards and wheat fields are lined up in an orderly design.

In other words, farming is life – with its ups and downs. Some things sprout and prosper – filling us with joy and satisfaction; some others are lost, in a sudden hailstorm or during the unexpected nocturnal visit from a wolf or a marten. Some plants can be attacked by fungi or pests, others thrive thanks to the presence of bees, ladybugs and other precious insects. Farming requires a lot of hard work and we enjoy every minute of it: there is always something to do here!