FarmLife: April, a wonderful period

FarmLife: April, a wonderful period

It’s April, as you know nature in this period is making giant strides and a farm like ours that bases its essence on the rhythms of nature can only keep up. The weather this year was not exactly lenient, the drought has certainly created some difficulties for our crops, but our garden has already given us some delicious fruits.

In the cellar the work does not stop and we are proceeding with the bottling, the dairy is at full production at the moment and is producing the best cheeses of the year. And now it’s also time to let you taste some of our fruits of work directly at our tables. In fact the restaurant is now open with a new and delicious menu enriched by the tender and delicious meats of the animals we breed.

Vegetable garden

After the winter works, sowing and care of the land we are starting to reap the first fruits. The vegetable garden is an activity to which we care a great deal, to supply our restaurant with high quality raw materials.

Naturally, as most of the agricultural, biological and biodynamic activity above all, is affected by the risks due to weather and climate. It has been a particularly cold spring and without heavy rains, this has led to a natural slowing of growth and the use of the products we grow. But we have already begun to collect succulent radishes and the first salads: like mustard, mizuna and rocket.


vino biologico pienza

After dry pruning, which takes place in winter, the vine must grow while waiting for the summer green pruning and tying. At Podere il Casale we have embraced the philosophy of biodynamic agriculture and therefore in this period we help the luxuriant growth of our vines with completely natural preparations. In short, nature helps us and we help nature!


The cellar is a bit like the dairy, although the activity of vineyard and animals stops from time to time, in these places there is always something to do! In the cellar we are doing an important activity, because it represents the last big step to get to the finished product.

After the harvest, the maceration and fermentation in the vats and the passage in barrels, the great moment has arrived to bottle the Rosé wine. And we assure you that it is a very special product.


Frantic activity in the dairy. We have often said that spring is the best time to get quality cheeses. The birth of lambs gave us a rich and abundant milk and the same milk is enriched by the first spontaneous shoots that are born in our pastures.

The result is a rich, fragrant and tasty milk. In short, it is the best time to turn it into an excellent cheese. The goats and pecorino cheeses made with the milk of this period definitely have something more…


Ristorante Podere Il Casale Pienza

Finally, our restaurant has reopened. Now that the farm is running at full capacity, the vegetable garden gives us the first vegetables, the dairy is in the best moment so the time to light the stove again has come. We have set the tables to offer our guests a beautiful taste experience always according to our cardinal principle of the FarmToTable