Fiera del Cacio Pienza

fiera del cacio Pienza

Fiera del Cacio Pienza

The Cheese Fair in Pienza is a traditional event celebrating the most famous local product: the Pecorino cheese. The cheese fair in Pienza is one of the most important events by tourists and citizens, not only for the opportunity to taste the delicious pecorino cheese but also to see the curious game of “Cacio al Fuso”. During the Cheese Fair the six teams of Pienza challenge each other in this popular game, a really curious competition. The Fair of the cheese in Pienza animate the city for a whole week with a full program of events, shows, tastings, markets and much more.

Obviously Podere il Casale could not miss in this great celebration of Pecorino di Pienza. We will participate to the traditional market of Organic Products and Artisan on Sunday, September 3rd with our raw milk cheeses.
Podere Casale attend the Cheese Fair in Pienza Sunday, September 4: you can find us at the Public Gardens with our organic raw milk cheeses, produced with milk from our herds. (Read also What does cheese from raw milk)


The Cheese game of Pienza is an ancient, poor and very simple game. To play you need a spindle, a cheese and a playing field on which to roll the cheese.

Around the spindle, planted in the middle of the playing field, they are drawn concentric rings that delimit five areas, giving a score from one to five. The goal is to launch the cheese and make it stop as close as possible to the spindle. The points increase if the cheese rotates around the spindle or leans on it.

We wait for Sunday, September 3rd with our raw milk cheeses in Pienza and do not miss the Cheese game!

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