Fresh Goat cheese and Watermelon salad

Fresh Goat cheese and Watermelon salad

In the article “3 more winning pairing with goatcheese” we suggested you to try goat cheese with watermelon. This combination is actually part of the Greek gastronomic tradition. It is a summer salad, which combines the freshness of the watermelon with the intense flavor of the goat cheese. The recipe that we suggest, is the real expression of a Mediterranean recipe. In fact, the two main ingredients are accompanied by yellow cherry tomatoes, basil, a few tufts of salad and capers, all seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. In short, a quick salad to prepare, tasty and fresh at the same time. What everyone wants in lunches and dinners in summer. It’s time to list the ingredients!


– 150 gr. Fresh Goat cheese
– 300 gr. Watermelon
– A handful of capers
– A few leaves of basil
– 130 g. Yellow cherry tomatoes
– Salt, pepper, oil and wine vinegar


We are sure that you can prepare a salad, so we will just give you a couple of tips. Cut the watermelon into cubes that are neither too large, nor too small, so they must be taken with a fork. In addition, first prepare the salad with the only vegetable products, season with oil and pepper (optional vinegar) and only at the end add the watermelon and goat cheese. The last thing you need to add is salt. In fact, if you salt too much in advance the watermelon will lose its water, thus ruining your salad. Try this recipe, and let us know how your salad was.