Grape Harvest Festival

pranzo della vendemmia

Grape Harvest Festival

Grape Harvest Festival: A new event of “discover the flavour of Val d’Orcia”…Now it’s time to harvest grapes!  Sunday, October 9, you can discover first-hand how it’s made the wine Capitoni DOC Orcia.

Sunday, October 9 from 11:00, at Az. Agr. Marco Capitoni in Pienza, you can participate in the guided tour of vineyards and wine cellar with tasting of grape must. After the visit you can have a special lunch at our Restaurant Podere il Casale with a menu of local delicacies combined to Capitoni wines.

Our events will lead you to discover the excellence of this beautiful land, respecting the seasonal nature and tradition, showing you all the secrets. And remember that the greatest secret is just that in our productions… there are no secrets!

The Program of Grape harvest Festival

  • Free tour of vineyard and winecellar

The event will start in Capitoni Cellar in Pienza, Podere Sedime 63.
Starting from 11:00 on Sunday, October 9, you can participate in the guided tour “From the vineyard to the bottle on the table”.
A walk through the vineyards will lead you to the wonderful world of Cantina Capitoni, the producer will tell you about its “art”, his secrets for the production of a good wine DOC Orcia. You can watch the first steps of winemaking and taste the grape musts and new wines in various stages of fermentation.
The morning guided tours will depart at 11:00 and 12:00 hours.
After lunch they will resume at 15:00 and at 16:00.
You can taste the Capitoni wines during lunch.
  • Lunch at Podere il Casale

The lunch will be at 13:30 at Restaurant Podere Il Casale. Just 5 minutes from Capitoni winecellar. You can reach the restaurant with your vehicle, or enjoy a walk through the vineyards also suitable for children. The landscape of the Val d’Orcia and Pienza will accompany your walk up to the table. Restaurant Podere Casale has prepared for the occasion a fantastic menu of typical local products.


– Cream of carrot and organic apples Az. Fontecornino
– Ricotta cheese and vegetable Pie Podere Il Casale with Mornay sauce
– Breadstick of ancient grains Mulino Val d’Orcia
with Prosciutto di Cinta  Senese Az. Agr. Il Poggio
– Fresh “Pici” of ancient grains Mulino Val d’Orcia with crumbs
– Maltagliati pasta with chickpea flour Mulino Val d’Orcia Amatriciana
– Raw milk Pecorino cheese Podere Il Casale
with honey and spreads
– Olive oil ice-cream Podere Il Casale by
“Buon Gusto di Pienza” with almonds crumble
– Ethiopian wild coffee from “Harenna”forest presidio Slow Food e biscotti

The dishes will be paired with wines Az. Agr. Capitoni Marco

– Capitoni Orcia Riserva
– Frasi Orcia Sangiovese Riserva

– Price Slow Food member € 22
– Price No Slow Food member € 26

The crystal goblets for wine tasting will be made available from Cristalleria Moleria La Grotta del Cristallo

  • The guided tour of the winery Capitoni is FREE  (reservations appreciated).

During the occasion, you can take advantage to ask for your membership card SlowFood and stay updated on our events and on our initiatives.
We are waiting for you!

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pranzo della vendemmia