Help us to create the perfect spot on the hills of beautiful Tuscany

azienda agricola biologica

We are planning to extend our existing offering here at Podere Il Casale!

As you know, Podere Il Casale offer a small campsite located on the grounds of the farm.The homestead demonstrates and illustrates the real life of a farmer and his animals, some of which even wander through the campground.
At sunset the quiet falls, no noise will disturb the night silence, you can hear the sounds from the nearby woods, or the bleating of the goats or the barking of our dogs. On starry nights, the show is of indescribable beauty. Campsite guests can of course eat in our restaurant, enjoy our activities and buy our products in the store.

In this difficult moment we are trying to look to the future, when people can come back to visit us again at Podere Il Casale. We would like to implement and improve our hospitality offer with new services.

Your opinion is very important for us and your answer would help us a lot to create the perfect spot on the hills of beautiful Tuscany.

We only ask you 2 minutes of your time to answer this short questionnaire. The next time you’ll be our guest you may find amazing surprises thanks to your contribution.

Thank you very much for your time.



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