Honey is a miracle product

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Honey is a miracle product

We all know that honey is a product with enormous beneficial properties. From an early age when we had the flu, cough and sore throat moms and grandmothers brought us a nice cup of hot milk with honey.

Probably our grandmothers did not know why, but they were aware that honey was a versatile, pleasant and above all useful remedy, an ancient knowledge to be handed down.

But in what cases can honey help the body? What does it contain so miraculous? What are the beneficial properties it has? For what reasons?

Honey is a food to be consumed every day

Probably few people consume honey every day, but eating 30-40 g each morning could bring significant benefits to our body. Why? The answer is very simple, honey is rich in fructose and contains enzymes, vitamins, oligominerals, antibiotic-like substances that can promote growth processes.

All these substances concentrated in this precious nectar have benefits in many areas of the organism.

  1. The first sector to benefit from the properties of honey are the respiratory tract. In fact it has a decongestant action and calms the cough.
  2. Increases muscle physical strength and endurance. Why? It is rich in fructose, a simple sugar that is not immediately digested that, remaining in the availability of the body for a longer time, gives a considerable energy supply.
  3. For the same principle that applies to the voluntary muscles, honey also strengthens the muscle par excellence, the heart.
  4. Honey also has a protective and detoxifying properties for the liver because, being composed of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, it has a natural depurative action.
  5.  As for the digestive system, the presence of fructose allows the honey to arrive at the large intestine without being digested. At this point the presence of hydrogen peroxide, allows to have an antibacterial and antibiotic action. Therefore it protects, stimulates and regenerates.
  6.       The benefits of honey also extend to the kidneys thanks to the diuretic action, to the bones giving a contribution to the fixation of calcium and magnesium and to the blood with an antiematic action

A variety of honey for every need

Acacia honey is indicated for digestive disorders, while forest honey is useful for calming flu symptoms, orange honey helps to heal over, sunflower honey has anti-viral properties, calm fever, and is especially recommended against cholesterol. But it is not over here, the heather honey has anti-rheumatic and anti-anemic functions, that of lime has an action against menstrual pains, is a natural calming and an excellent digestive, while the millefiori honey is the most suitable for detoxifying the liver.