How to taste the cheeses, final act: the tasting sheet[

come riciclare gli avanzi dei formaggi

How to taste the cheeses, final act: the tasting sheet[

We arrived at the end of our mini-course on “how to taste cheeses”. Of course, it will not be enough to study the topics covered to become real cheese tasters. The purpose of our course was that those who approach a product so complex and at the same time common in our territory, do it in a conscious way.

The risk we run is to underestimate the importance and the weight that this food has in gastronomic and cultural history. The speech is similar to what we can do for a monument. In Italy we are so used to this kind of thing that we underestimate it in some way. Instead we must become aware of the fact that it is products to be protected and valued. Each tasting worthy of this name ends with the compilation of a tasting card. Let’s see what it is and why it is important.

The importance of the tasting sheet 

As you could well see the information that gives us a piece of cheese are many. We divided the tasting in several steps and then we put an order and rules to proceed.

Now if we start our tasting and follow all the steps correctly, we will get to the bottom of the tasting and we will not remember the feelings we felt at the first step. The tasting tab is a great way to record all the information leaked from a cheese. 

In Italy the ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters), fonadate in 1989, had some tasting point. They were more suitable for classification than for description. From this point of view, the contribution of Slow Food was important, which, after having established the Master on cheese, drafted a card for descriptive purposes. Subsequently also the Onaf has drawn up two new types of descriptive cards. In conclusion, now there are all the appropriate tools to describe a cheese and record it.


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