I introduce you Podere Il Casale: organic farm

azienda agricola biologica

I introduce you Podere Il Casale: organic farm

Life in the country and the production of good healthy foodstuffs – that was our dream! Thanks to our daily work, passion and care, our organic farm has been growing since 1991. In the course of time, our organic farm has developed into a self-sufficient wholefood enterprise. Podere Il Casale has a wide range of organic products to protect biodiversity.

Our organic farm is located in the gentle hills of Pienza, UNESCO heritage site, a small and charming rural world all to explore. Our farm is a dynamic place where the day is spent with the work according to the rhythms of nature and tradition.


Today it is Rino who manages the agricultural part of the farm. Rino is one of the sons of Sandra and Ulisse, the founders of Podere Il Casale. Every day, Rino, cares for the farm’s cultivations: cereals, olives, vineyards, vegetables and saffron. Working on a Farm as Podere Il Casale means living by following the rhythms of nature. Every day is different, unique and stimulating but at the same time you can never stop. In the farm there is always something to do. Today we want to introduce you Rino. Watch the video and discover somenthing more about Podere Il Casale!


Come and visit our organic farm Podere Il Casale a few miles from Pienza.

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