I introduce you Podere Il Casale: Sandra e Ulisse

podere il casale 1991

I introduce you Podere Il Casale: Sandra e Ulisse

Live a life following the rhythms of nature, in a unique place in the world, producing good and healthy food. This was the dream that inspired Sandra and Ulisse to move to Pienza in 1991 and found Podere Il Casale. A dream that today has become reality even though with so many sacrifices and difficulties.
Both left their life and work in Switzerland to dedicate themselves to agricultural work, sheep and dairy. When in 1991 they arrived in Pienza, Podere Il Casale was a beautiful but very old farm. It was unthinkable then that the farm could become what it is today. It was unthinkable then that every day, visitors from all over the world came to Podere Il Casale to enjoy the dishes of our restaurant, take part in courses, visit the farm or stay in our farm.

A dream come true

The difficulties Sandra and Ulysses have had to overcome are many. First of all they had to learn how to cultivate a field, how to milk a sheep, how to make cheese… all those activities related to the farm’s life. They also had to deal with all aspects of the Italian bureaucracy and the administrative side.
Despite all this, the farm has grown step by step, from livelihood farming to an excellent productive reality on the territory. Over the years, the herd grew up and Sandra and Ulysses provided a dairy farm. In addition to the raw milk cheese, Sandra and Ulisse today produce extra virgin olive oil, wine, honey, pasta, flours, sauces and saffron. Many products that are the ingredients of the organic farm restaurant. Every day guests from all over the world come to visit the farm, participate in our cooking classes and stay in our camping.

Podere Il Casale today…

sandra e ulisse

Today, Ulisse deals with agricultural production with his son Rino, but his true passions are animals and cheese production. When it is in your dairy to make cheese he is really happy.
Sandra deals with hospitality, visitors, guests and home. When she make visit of the farm or when she holds a cooking class, her eyes shine and her tales and her energy are really appreciate by our guests.
Michele, one of Sandra’s and Ulisse’s sons gives a great help in the farm. He deals with marketing, general organization, daily management and restaurant.

Here is a special interview in which Sandra and Ulisse share their memories, their emotions, their difficulties and tell them what they mean today for Podere Il Casale.