I introduce you Podere Il Casale: The Dairy

caseificio a pienza

I introduce you Podere Il Casale: The Dairy

Today “I Introduce you Podere Il Casale” will let you enter the dairy of our organic farm. A new video and a new interview, this time is a double interview at the “dairywomen” of our dairy in Pienza.

First of all you have to know that when in 1992 Ulisse and Sandra bought the first sheep for the farm, the aim was self-sufficiency. The first steps in cheese production, however, were immediately encouraging. The cheeses produced in winter and spring were really satisfactory. With summer heat, however, production and storage were more difficult.
With the passing of time we have refined our dairy skills and we achieved better results. Meanwhile, the herd grew up to 150 sheep and 30 goats.

Thanks to balanced nutrition of our sheep, we managed to produce a nutritious and full-bodied milk.
The Val d’Orcia is known since Roman times for the large quantities of herbs growing there. These spontaneous plants make a more aromatic milk and therefore a more tasty cheese.

Podere Il Casale: Dairy in Pienza

And so we arrive in 2003 when we equipped our farm of a real dairy for the sale of cheese to the public. In our dairy farm in Pienza, today we produce cheese all year long. The production of our cheeses is carefully follow in every detail, starting with milk from our sheep and goats. With the milk of our flock we produce many types of Pecorino and Caprino but also ricotta, feta, yoghurt and quark.
The cheese temperature never exceeds 45° and we only use natural rennet. The result is a cheese with a strong identity linked to our territory and our tradition. Depending on the climate or the feeding of the animals, cheese can acquire slightly different flavors.
Now listen to our “dairywomen” telling you the secrets of their work and their passion.



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