I introduce you Podere Il Casale: The Stables

Pecorino di Pienza pecore

I introduce you Podere Il Casale: The Stables

Podere Il Casale is a farm full of life and a real farm, of course, there are animals! You can visit our farm and enjoy a unique experience in the Tuscan countryside. At Podere Il Casale you will meet all of our animals: pigs, donkeys, chickens, dogs and cats. But the true queens of the farm are our sheep and goats that produce milk for our raw milk cheeses.

I introduce you Podere Il Casale, today, brings you to discover the stables. Today our flock is composed by 150 sheeps and 30 goats. Our animals receive the best care and attention: happy animals produce good cheese! Having happy animals is the first step to producing good cheese. Every morning we milk sheeps and goats and during the day they graze free in the meadows on the hills around the farm. In the meadows of Val d’Orcia can find great spontaneous herbs such as Ascension, Barbabecco and Mentaster. These herbs have always been one of the secrets of the Pecorino Pienza.

Happy animals make happy cheese

Thanks to balanced and natural nutrition, we are able to produce a nutritious and full-bodied milk. We use this milk to produce our cheese in the dairy’s farm. In case of illness, our animals are treated almost exclusively with homeopathic products, except for certain exceptions of veterinary necessity. That is why in our milk you don’t find chemical waste.
Every evening, when sheeps and goats return from the pastures, we milk them again. Today, we want to introduce Paula, who daily cares for herd and takes care of milking and pastures.

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