Let’s make cheese!

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Sunday, April 15 at Podere Il Casale Pienza we will show you up close how we make our organic raw milk cheese. From grazing, to milking, and from the dairy to tasting!

Sunday, April 2 from 15:00 to 18:00 at Podere Il Casale. The farm will become for a day a “fun fair” for gourmets! You will have a map that will guide you to discover all the attractions: milking, cheese production, the dairy, the restaurant and many other surprises…

Our events will lead you to discover the excellence of this beautiful land, respecting the seasonal nature and tradition, showing you all the secrets. And remember that the greatest secret is just that in our productions… there are no secrets!

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Let’s make Cheese: from milking to Pecorino Cheese

Spring, you know, is the best time for the cheese. For this reason we want to give you the opportunity to discover first-hand the production of Pecorino di Pienza at Podere Il Casale. Starting from the pastures and arriving to the table. The best opportunity to live a day in the farm!

Our farm will be open to everybody and you can attend all the phases of the cheese production and of course taste the cheese… It starts from the stable where our pastors will show you the milking and if you want you could try! With fresh milk you switch to the production of cheese: our master cheese maker Ulysses will show you how we make the Pecorino cheese starting from milk.
The next stop is the dairy, where you can visit the maturing rooms. You will see how we produce every kind of cheese: aged, fresh, flavored, refined, goat and many other surprises.


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Podere Il Casale Pienza

Something is missing?! Oh yes, the tasting! The final step will be the tasting of our cheeses. For the occasion, you can taste the different types of our organic Pecorino cheese matched with a glass of the wine.

All activities will take place from 15:00 to 18:00.
The Restaurant Podere Il Casale will be open for lunch and dinner. Reservations recommended.

A beautiful day to spend discovering one of the excellence of our territory in the best time of the year.

We are waiting for you on Sunday, April 15 at Podere il Casale Pienza!

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