Let’s talk about Farm to Table

Let’s talk about Farm to Table

More and more often we hear about Farm To Table, but what does it mean and why is it very popular? The concept is very simple and obviously means from the Farm to the Table, but contains in itself many other small meanings and many important values. The first is that of the short chain, indeed very short.

But if you think that the Farm To Table is the classic concept of farm restaurant you are out of the way. In fact Farm To Table means enhancing the farm’s products through an exaltation of the kitchen. In short, the dishes must have innovative impulses and not stop at the traditions. The principle behind the Farm To Table, in fact, wants food to be produced just a few meters from the kitchen, for the proposal to be original and accessible and for a gourmet contamination.

The Farm To Table at Podere il Casale

At Podere il Casale we produce a wide variety of products that are the basis of our cuisine. In fact, in our organic garden, we produce all the vegetables you find in the dishes. In addition to the safety of the origin, the quality of our fresh vegetables, the Farm To Table has another incredible advantage: in the kitchen there are only seasonal products that arrive at perfect ripeness. 

A restaurant that claims to have a certain level of quality cannot under any circumstances renounce the excellence of Mediterranean cuisine: extra virgin olive oil. We produce a fantastic oil, rich in perfumes and extraordinary aromas that we use not only raw to finish our dishes, but also in cooking to give the foods even more strength and make them truly unique in their flavor.

What is the other fundamental basis of the kitchen? Eggs naturally, well we also produce those.

So if we talk about basics our chef already has enough material to propose a cuisine that values work, nature and territory.

Then we move on to our meats, lambs and porks are our specialty. In addition, the best sheep and goat cheeses and ricottas come from the dairy to the kitchen.

You will say that those precious and rare products are missing, in short, those unique products that satisfy the palate like few others in the world. We are able to dedicate a small piece of land to the cultivation of saffron and to be able to collect the precious truffles that this fantastic land offers us.

The chef here really has everything to indulge himself, to propose an innovative and seasonal cuisine. Of course, complete self-sufficiency for a small company like ours is not possible, but we try to complete the circle by serving as local producers who give life to real excellence.

What does Farm to Table mean today

Today the Farm Resturants are very popular throughout Europe and are taking place, slowly even in Italy.

The three key principles are sustainability, nature and originality, something very different from the classic concept of agritourism, a concept that aims to offer guests a high-quality experience, combining nature and panorma, the freshness of the ingredients, the contact with the agricultural reality, to the delicacy of the finished dish.

The Farm to Table, however, not only pays attention to how the products are transformed, but also to how they are produced and to their quality. All this must be combined with respect for nature.

Those who know Podere il Casale, both as a farm and as a restaurant, have learned to know our principles and our philosophy. Here quality, respect for the territory are the sales balances to which we cannot and do not want to give up.

Our Farm restaurant has always had the objective of making the most of the hard work we do in our fields. The hard work we do in the vineyard, in the stables and in the vegetable garden, on the other hand, has always had the goal of obtaining excellent, unique products.

In short, our philosophy has always been to offer an experience and a point of view, we want to involve our guests in our activities and of course offer the best of our products.