Organic 100%

Life in the country and the production of good healthy foodstuffs - that was our dream! The choice of a place to reach our aim fell on an area of gentle hills near Pienza, a small town in the landscape of the Val d'Orcia in south Tuscany. The region was declared a UNESCO World-Heritage site in 2004

It was in the summer of 1991 that we acquired the farm „Podere il Casale“ and moved in. Our next step was to negociate with the local authorities and to work out plans. ,At first we had to find an income elsewhere, since the undertaking was not yet able to support itself off the cuff.

There was a lot of manual work lined up and we started by renovating the ground floor of the farmstead and the outhouse. We created a dining area and considerably extended the kitchen. A fine Pizza oven was built and we launched a family camping site .

Farming gradually went on ahead. We began by planting vines and olive trees and by sowing corn. The range of the other products that now belong to our enterprise developed little by little.

Thanks to the zeal of our staff and helpers from all over the world, we have since been able to expand continually. In the course of time, Podere Il Casale has developed into a self-sufficient wholefood enterprise, and with the use of a solar plant to cover our energy requirements, we produce and refine a great variety of products, and offer them for sale on different markets.