Potato gnocchi with Pecorino di Pienza, saffron and bitter cocoa

Potato gnocchi with Pecorino di Pienza, saffron and bitter cocoa

We decided to reveal another recipe to enhance Pecorino di Pienza in the kitchen. The visual and tasteful impact will surely impress your guests. But if you believe that the choice of pairing together Pecorino cheese, saffron and bitter cocoa is a risk, you are wrong. These three ingredients blend very well with each other, although they all have a strong personality. Saffron and pecorino cheese is a good pairing, everyone knows. Cocoa (to be used very carefully) has the purpose of giving a slight bitter in mouth, making the dish more pleasant. The result will be an extremely balanced first, with a strong aromatic charge and a strong taste.

I will tell you more, it is also very simple to prepare. As you will notice from the ingredients the dish is really simple. But you know, a good chef does not have to add ingredients, but use them as little as possible to better enhance the flavors of the raw materials he uses. Think that the hardest and most difficult thing you will need to prepare is the gnocchetti. Put on the apron and let’s start!


  • 500 g. of potato gnocchi
  • 200 g. of semi-aged Pecorino di Pienza
  • Saffron in pistils
  • A bit of bitter cocoa
  • two walnuts of butter
  •  Salt 


The first thing you will have to prepare are the gnocchi. It’s important to prepare very small gnocchi. Put the saffron pistils to hydrate in a small bowl with a little hot water, maybe the one you will need to cook the gnocchi. While the water reaches the boil, grate your Pecorino di Pienza cheese.

Salt the water and put the gnocchi when it’s boiling. They will cook in a minute, they will surface immediately. Drain without throwing the cooking water, it is essential for the success of the dish.

In a pan melt the butter, saute the gnocchi over high heat and add a little ‘cooking water. If you are good, they will already be creamy. When you see that the gnocchi are well creamed, turn off the heat. At this point, skip them for 30 seconds with the fire off. Add the grated Pecorino cheese, the butter and the saffron. Cover with a lid for a minute and then start to skip everything. Add cooking water if necessary to create a smooth and creamy sauce. Serve, add a pinch of cocoa and the dish is ready.


Pecorino semistagionato