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The pancetta (bacon) represents the meat sections of the chest and belly including the rind. The pieces are cut out and massaged with a mixture of salt and crushed garlic and kept in salt for about fifteen days and, subsequently cleaned and flavored with ground black pepper, they are assigned to seasoning in suitable rooms. The product is presented in pieces of about 3 kg in weight with a thickness of about four centimeters which is a characteristic breed but especially breeding as in the wild, similarly very fat pigs. The slice has the classic horizontal lean streaks of a beautiful red color and the fat that immediately after slicing changes color to acquire the characteristic pink hue. The scent is intense but typical not camouflaged by the scent of pepper and in the mouth we can appreciate the delicate but savory taste of the fatty part that wins the comparison with the more noble lean.

Weight: 250g / 500g / 1kg

Seasoning: 3/4 months

Deadline: 120 days

Storage: in a cool and dry place. In the fridge max + 4 °, it is advisable to wrap it in a damp cloth.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, pepper, chilli. No chemical preservatives. Gluten, lactose.

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