Box Casale wines (11 bottles + 1 free)

Box Casale wines (11 bottles + 1 free)


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Enjoy our Tuscan vineyards at home!

In the Vino del Casale box you will find 12 bottles (11 bottles + 1 gift):

  • 4 bottles of Regio

Our organic red wine at the top of the scale. Intense ruby ​​red, notes of small red fruit, soft taste with round and elegant tannins, great structure. 100% Sangiovese grape variety

  • 4 bottles of Fante

The Fante, coming from our Sangiovese vines, has a ruby ​​red, intense wine with some purplish reflections.
The aromatic profile is broad, small black fruits, spices and wild herbs.
In the mouth it is enveloping and full-bodied, the tannins are present but soft with a long and savory finish that closes in freshness.

  • 3 bottles of Antiope (+ 1 bottle as a gift)

Antiope 2022 is our rosé, drinkable in its immediate approach, but without easy and pandering opulence, which plays on the floral side of Sangiovese and on its ability to bring the essence of our land and all its minerality into the glass.

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