Online Cooking class package

Online Cooking class package


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The traditional Tuscan cuisine has a unique charm of its own, that is characterized above all by using “poor” raw materials or even left over products. Nevertheless, this cuisine led to recipes that have made history in Italian cuisine in general and are known all over the world.
Our online cooking class is suitable for all lovers of good food and it is absolutely not necessary to be a small “Masterchef”, because the key ingredient is the desire to learn and participate in a fun and interactive experience. Led by Sandra, cook and founder of the organic farm Podere il Casale, you will prepare a complete menu that you can propose later on to your guests.


TASTING MENU for 4 people:
– Traditional Tuscan appetizer (seasonal)
– First course based on fresh pasta
– Meat or vegetarian main course (with seasonal side dish)
– Dessert


This Package includes:

– Complete cooking course (Duration of activity: approximately 1h30min.)
– Gourmet Gift Package (1x Extra virgin olive oil 2020 (250ml), 1x honey jar (165g), saffron (3×0.01g), 1x fusilli package (300g) )
– 1 Kg Organic durum wheat semolina
– Selection of 3 Casale wines (1x red wine “il Regio” (750ml), 1x red wine “il Fante” (750ml) + 1x white wine “la Sibilla” (750ml)
– 1x Casale cookbook
– Shipping cost of products and cookbook


How does the online course work?

The courses will take place on Zoom and last 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Available language: Italian, English, German

Once the participation has been confirmed, the online guests will receive a code by e-mail, thanks to which it will be possible to connect directly to the online course on a day and time slot available. You will also receive the list of ingredients, the recipes and the list of tools necessary for the realization of the menu, so that you can repeat it whenever you want.

During the live classes, guests will be guided through historical notes, production techniques and many curious anecdotes in the world of excellent products from the “Podere il Casale” and the Crete Senesi.
Participants will be able to interfere at any time with questions, curiosities and why not also sharing some personal experiences.

The scheduled starting time for all those who connect from the United States is 07pm (Italy), which corresponds to 1pm Eastern / 12am Central / 10am Pacific. Specific requests will be taken into consideration