Fresh raw milk Robiola sheep cheese (organic)

Fresh raw milk Robiola sheep cheese (organic)

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Robiola is a lactic acid-coagulated cheese with very small quantities of rennet. The curd is formed after many hours of maturation, sometimes as many as 24 hours, and is not broken as it would be in pecorino cheesemaking. The robiola curd is broken by the draining belt spindles where the natural drainage of the whey takes place. Robiola making dates back to the Middle Ages; it is part of the culinary tradition of Northern Italy, Piedmont in particular, where it is produced mainly with cow’s or a mix of cow’s and goat’s milk. At Casale robiola is made from the organic milk of the sheep that graze on the local meadows, rich in the many fragrant wild herbs of the Val d’Orcia. The robiola wheels, of about 500 grams, are white with a sweet taste. There is a slight sour flavour in fresher robiola cheeses, which tend to develop a beautiful brown rind and spicy taste as they mature.

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Podere il Casale sheep’s Robiola is cheese made from lactic coagulation with a fresh and grainy texture. This cheese is the result of a slow coagulation that lasts at least 24 hours, which produces an enveloping sweetish-sour taste that remains fresh and very persistent on the palate offering from buttery to almost musky notes depending on its aging. Try it with a grape jam or with a plum chutney, paired with a glass of well-structured Tuscan Trebbiano like our Sibilla.


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