Fresh Sheep ricotta (bio)

Fresh Sheep ricotta (bio)

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Ricotta is not really a cheese, as it is produced by heating the whey that remains after the curd is broken and the cheese is laid in its container. At Casale, during the filling of the whey, a small amount of organic raw milk is added, which makes ricotta more creamy, tasty, and flakey. The manual extraction of ricotta flakes from the whey requires a lot of attention – the flakes are gently separated from the whey and laid in a container before cooling down in the refrigerating room.

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The organic sheep ricotta is the dairy product par excellence of the Podere il Casale dairy. The processing only involves the use of raw whey. In fact, we do not add any other milk, as the finished product is already very soft and creamy. Shaping is a manual process to keep its delicate consistency unchanged. It is a versatile product that can be appreciated both alone and transformed in the kitchen, both for sweet and savory preparations. Try it with spinach for a filling for fresh pasta or simply with honey and toasted hazelnuts as a very quick dessert. Our ricotta will be send in a plastic container that has a separate “sieve” inside itself which contains the ricotta.

Orders that contain ricotta leave our farm only on tuesday, to ensure the freshest quality possible.
This fresh cheese can be shipped only within Italy.

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