Lombo semi stato brado

Loin sausage from our grigia pigs

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Our semi free range pigs are reared a part of their live in our barn and move than to our olive grove. They are raised using the principles of biodynamic farming, their diet includes the olives that fall from our trees or the whey leftover from our cheesemaking, so nothing is wasted. Our cured meats are completely preservative and additive free and this results in a better flavour. Salumi refers to the original and oldest style of curing meat born out of a historical necessity to preserve precious nutritional resources.
Our “Lombo” is a cured meat obtained from the dorsal part of the pig one of the finest and most precious parts of the animal. The meat is salted, spiced and seasoned producing a sweetish and delicate taste with a very soft texture. Wonderful with a well-structure white wine or even a bubbly Spumante.

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