Organic Durum wheat Linguine package 6+1 for free

Organic Durum wheat Linguine package 6+1 for free


Benefit from our Organic durum wheat Linguine promotion package! Receive seven packages, but pay only for six!


The package contains:

6+1 gratis Organic Durum wheat Linguine (300g)


Unlike large industries that are forced to process flours without the wheat germ, our pasta is produced with artisan processing techniques that allow us to re-insert the wheat germ. This production method results in many advantages, including greater digestibility, the full flavor of the grain flavor and above all that true “porosity” which is the great secret to match it well with any type of sauce. Our pasta almost never loses its “al dente” point thanks to its production with using bronze dies and slow drying at a very low temperature.

Linguine pasta, which has a greater surface than spaghetti, is particularly suitable for “creamy” sauces that stick well to the pasta, for example sauces based on cream, fish or pesto. Our pasta almost don’t loses its “al dente” point thanks to extruding the dough through bronze dies and the slow slow drying process.


Ingredients: durum wheat flour and water

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg