Organic raw milk Pecorino with washed rind

Organic raw milk Pecorino with washed rind

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Casale’s washed rind cheese is made from local sheep’s milk. It was inspired by the great alpine cheese-making tradition of the Bergamo valley. The cheese is brine-washed every week, which creates a very selective environment on the rind – only a few moulds can survive. This gives the cheese its distinctive colour, which can range from white to orange to red. The dough under the crust tends to be creamy and finely granular in winter, becoming more compact as the weather gets warmer. This cheese offers a great variety of flavors as it is significantly affected by the climate and the pastures the sheep graze on – in short, it is highly dependent on nature.

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The organic Pecorino with washed rind takes its inspiration from the cheese the valleys surrounding bergamo. It is a new specialty in the pecorino family of the Podere il Casale farm, that in the area of Pienza wouldn’t be found. The cheese is delicate, but with a strong identity, thanks to a specific aging technique. During aging, which lasts about 40 days, the cheese is washed periodically by hand with a solution of water and salt and without the use of any preservatives, that means that also the skin is edible.

The washed rind pecorino is an extremely flexible product that is delicious by itself and fantastic over crostini or a casserole, since it melts quite well.

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