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Raw milk organic Pecorino blue cheese

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Our organic Pecorino blue cheese is quite a young product in our portfolio, since it is a cheese that is not originally from the area. We do by no means want to copy a classic “Roquefort”, as probably the most known sheep blue cheese in the world – made in France. We want a result that is a lot milder than the french cheese and after after several, and at times, unsuccessful attempts, we have finally reached a result that we like.

Our cheesemakers poke vertical holes in the young cheese and insert carefully penicillium roqueforti. After more or less 6 weeks one should see the first blue veins inside the cheese. We usually age the cheese up to 4 months, afterwards the taste is still great, but more for “strong cheese” lovers.

The taste of our Pecorino blue cheese is nutty with a bit of porcino mushroom and a creamy and buttery finish.

Our organic blue sheep cheese is wonderful in pasta or risotto, but also great as a solo-player, with a nice dessert wine. We do not recommend a pairing with red wine, since very often you percieve an almost “metallic” sensation in  your mouth.