Raw milk caprino cheese seasoned

Raw milk caprino cheese seasoned

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Our raw milk organic aged Caprino is processed with hard texture and is aged for at least 5 months. After aging it develops a more or less marked straw-yellow color depending on the conditions of maturation and the duration of the aging, the internal paste is compact from white to slightly straw-coloured.
Goat cheese has a semi-hard or hard consistency, with more advanced maturing it can become crumbly such that it can be grated.
Aged goat cheese, despite having a delicate aroma, is distinguished by a very persistent flavor with a very pleasant degree of acidity which tends to degrease the palate.
it is suitable for many recipes in the kitchen such as risotto with radicchio, sauces and fondues, tasty croutons with cheese and caramelized dried fruit, or for a cacio e pepe pasta with a twist.

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