Raw milk Pecorino aged in pomace

Raw milk Pecorino aged in pomace

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Both abbucciato, semi-seasoned or even seasoned cheeses can be aged in pomace. The cheeses need to be well structured and not soft. This is the most aggressive of all refinements as the pomace alters the flavor of the cheese. At Casale we use the pomace from our own wine production. The cheese is first soaked in the organic wine of Casale, and then inside a barrel previously used for the maturation of the wine, it is laid on a bed of pomace and completely covered with it. The cheese changes – it receives a slight acidulous, alcoholic and intense note. When paired with the right wine it can be a unique tasting experience.

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This pecorino cheese is aged three to five months in the pomace of Sangiovese grapes – we also call it drunken Pecorino. Made from 100% sheep’s milk, this cheese is mild with a slight fruity note thanks to the grapes, also the rind is – if you wish – completely edible. This pecorino is perfect with a young red wine, not to powerful – such as our “Fante”

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