Pecorino caglio vegetale

Vegetable Rennet Fresh Raw milk Pecorino

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The Vegetable Rennet Fresh Raw milk Pecorino is the dairy’s new entry of this year 2021.
It has a “green” heart: that’s because to coagulate the milk we do not use animal rennet (as we normally do for classic pecorino cheeses), but we add ” Cynara Cardunculus”, a natural product characterized for the vegetable enzymes obtained from its maceration.
“Cynara Cardunculus” is the classic thistle, which in Tuscany has always been called “presura” because of its capability to make milk thicken.
This method of production represents a traditional peasant wisdom, nevertheless it is nowadays very close to the requests of the market.
The ability to produce cheeses by curdling milk using vegetable adjuvants, has always been a characteristic of Mediterranean Europe.
This way of processing gives the cheese a more delicate taste comparing with cheeses made with animal rennet.
It is an ideal product for those who practice a vegetarian diet.