Sustainability: the activities of the restaurant

Sustainability: the activities of the restaurant

As we have already explained, the concept of sustainability implies synergy and balance between all sectors of the farm. Which translates into a balance between the consumption of resources and their regeneration, but also between the production of pollutants and their natural elimination.
In the previous article WHAT SUSTAINABILITY MEANS TO US, we focused on the general concept of sustainability and in particular deepened the knowledge of the activities that the farm carries out in the name of sustainability.
As you all know, at Podere il Casale we have a restaurant and we will try to explain how this fits into the balance between the sectors of our farm.

What sustainability means for the restaurant

The restaurant of Podere il Casale fits into the balance of sustainability through many small activities and a philosophy to follow in the drafting of the menu.

Activities and cooking philosophy –  In the realization of our proposals at the restaurant we always take into consideration an essential factor: reduce waste, use the most of every part of the raw materials used. In the case of meat processing, all parts of the animal are used for different recipes: from head to tail, including the entrails and bones with which we prepare meat broths or demi glace. The same goes for vegetables, which, where possible, are used in their entirety.

Raw materials –  The restaurant carries out its activities using a very high percentage of raw materials produced in the farm. Vegetable garden and dairy, farms and vineyards supply our kitchens every day.

Collaborations –  In our farm we try to collaborate as much as possible with local suppliers both for the transformation of raw materials that cannot be processed in the company, and for the supply of processing waste products useful for refining in the dairy, and for raw materials and ingredients necessary that we do not produce.

Organic chicken farms –  The restaurant needs eggs for numerous preparations and can take them directly from the farm thanks to organic chicken farming. Our hens mainly eat grass and what is found in outdoor fields, combined with grains coming exclusively from the processing remains of our grains.

Bakery products and fresh pasta –  At the restaurant we prepare all bakery products using the flours obtained from the grinding of Podere il Casale wheat. The same stone-ground ancient grain flours are used to prepare our fresh pasta for fresh pasta with a genuine and natural flavor.

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