Threshing of ancient wheat: watch the video!

Merenda della Trebbiatura

Threshing of ancient wheat: watch the video!


We want to thank everyone who participated in the first event “Discovering tastes of Val d’Orcia – Merenda della Trebbiatura”. For us it was really an enormous pleasure to welcome so many people interested in our initiative and share with them our passion and our work. It was really a success but only the first of a series of events that will lead you to discover the excellence of our land, respecting of seasonality and tradition.

The participants attended the harvest of ancient wheat a few meters from the mill, the stone grinding of grain just harvested and handicraft production of the traditional pici: a unique and unforgettable experience for all!
Obviously we could not miss the tasting and we set up a buffet with our raw milk cheeses, with the excellent wines of Capitoni and with the products of Mulino Val d’orcia.