What is sourdough and why is it good for health?

Today more than yesterday we often hear about sourdough in order to prepare leavened products with an ancient flavor and obtain better results.
One of the positive aspects is that today not only our grandmothers are aware of the properties and ancient knowledge linked to this precious ingredient.
But what is sourdoug and why is it important?


The sourdough is made with water and flour, very simply. As the hours go by, the bacterial flora present in the flour and water, as well as in the hands of those who knead and in the air, creates a magic starting to colonize the dough and give it a life of its own!

To have a sourdough  you need passion and patience because it must be nourished by following small tricks? Which?

The flour must be organic because the chemical treatments kill the bacterial flora which is the principle from which the sourdough is born! It must also be stone ground because the wheat germ, absent in type 0 and 00 flour, together with external parts of the grain are a source of life.
The water must be pure and must not contain chlorine or other disinfectants that would kill the bacterial flora. This in itself is sufficient to obtain the sourdough, but if you want to give a little hand to mother nature you can add a little sugar or honey to the dough to promote bacterial proliferation!

Creating the first dough is simple, even if there are these rules to follow, after which the so-called refreshments are needed to get up to speed and above all to keep it alive and functional.


Natural leavening makes a product much more digestible than one prepared with brewer’s yeast or, even worse, with chemical yeast.
The more than 300 microorganisms that make up the bacterial flora act directly on the components of the flour and in other words it is as if they digested a little for us.

In addition, the lactobacilli gche are the major architects of leavening and which are present in our intestine effectively counteract pathogenic bacteria and release lactic acid which is a natural preservative.
But above all, leavened products prepared with sourdough keep longer, are more fragrant and tastier!