[:en]Llamas may help us in protecting our animal sanctuary[:]

[:en]Llamas may help us in protecting our animal sanctuary[:]


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Dear supporters, farm friends and cyber friends,


Thanks to you, we made it!! We’ve reached the goal of our crowdfunding campaign and we’ve already started to build it. Thank you so much!

Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to buy females for our male peacocks that have been single for far too long; or get new Tuscan cinta senese pigs and a new flock of chickens to fill our soon to be renewed and constructed pens.

One thing that struck us was that many of our friends were shocked to hear that wolves and foxes are a threat to our animals and that we need to protect them well. Some of our friends then told us that llamas are said to be skilled protectors of pets and farm animals. At first we didn’t really believe it, but we did some research and found that it’s actually true – llamas are born protectors. And they’re not even aggressive; all they do when they sense danger is running around and making some noise. That seems to be one of the most efficient ways of warding off hostile intruders.

We are not known to be purists – after all, in our dining room there is a fireplace made from travertine stone where elephants and seals are engraved. So, we would like to extend our collection of exotic animals for the sake of protection and end this crowdfunding campaign with 2 llamas.

We need $ 1500.- for 2 llamas

If you think that Podere il Casale should have two lamas to protect its animal sanctuary, check out this link to support the idea:


No matter how big or small a contribution may be – we appreciate your support! The campaign ends on January 15, 2016, and we would like to thank again our supporters who believe in Podere il Casale and our way of alternative farming.

We can’t wait to welcome you all at our farm in Pienza!